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The Keep to be adapted to Audio Drama

Updated: May 27, 2019

A group of talented audio drama creators are adapting the horror novel classic ‘The Keep’ by Paul F. Wilson to the emerging entertainment medium of audio drama. Droids Canada readers will recall our sites exclusive airing of the audio drama Doctor Who Dark Journey, the full cast audio play and essentially a ‘movie for your mind’ according to Droids Canada host Mr.J.

The Keep follows a group of German soldiers during WWII who are occupying a secluded fortress in the Romanian mountains. They unknowingly release a malevolent evil from the castle fort and the only ones who can solve the mystery and stop the slaughter of the soldiers are a crippled Jewish professor, his daughter and a mysterious stranger. This truly riveting and suspenseful novel was adapted to film in 1983. Paramount Pictures unfortunately gave the film the typical Hollywood treatment and turned this gem of a book into a turd of a film. That’s where the team behind this audio drama, Three Storms Productions comes into the picture.

“We aim to bring Paul's novel to life in the form of an audio drama and keep it faithful to its source material. Moving forward with both the license and Paul's blessing we will deliver a full cast adaptation that will excite and engage fans of the novel and newcomers alike,” says Three Storms Productions.

As big fans of the novel they say that they have dreamed of bringing the definitive version to life for almost a decade. Originally contacting Paramount Pictures to inquire about the rights, Dan Lacey wrote a spec script. This was the basis for an early audio script, which Lacey recorded with his friends at college. Now Dan and his partners at Three Storms, Mark Ruthven, Grant Charlesworth along with Director Simon Barnard (winner of the prestigious New York Radio Awards for Best Audiobook) needs fans help to get The Keep made as an audio drama. They have launched a GoFundMe campaign with cool perks and rewards for donors. Visit to make this exciting audio drama production come to life.   

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