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A look back to the Droids 2015

Updated: May 27, 2019

I never thought since the birth of Droids Canada in 2012. that I would ever be writing a “looking back” article. 2015 is by far the most exciting and successful year we had. So at this point 2016 could only get even better!

We attended 7 major comic cons this year and were media accredited for 7 of them. We interviewed amazing people like James O’Barr(creator of the crow), Andy Belanger(creator of Southern Cross, and now our dearest from Chris Harrelson from the Walking Dead. We met amazing celebrities such as David HasselHoff, Scott Wilson, Norman Reedus, Rocco, Sean Patrick Flanery, Malcolm McDowell, Lennie James and more!

We added a few shows to the network this past year. We added the Drinking in The Park Podcast, the My Cousin Vinny Podcast and What’s Crackin Podcast with Chris Harrelson. All have success with our network and continue to grow!

We also added Twitch game streaming, Cosplayer Spotlight section, retro game videos and much more! And finally, we added some new amazing admins to the page who have added their own touch to our day to day operations.

I know some people did not expect us to become a big thing but we seem to thrive under adversity. Like cmon, we reached a 300 podcast milestone. Suck it Trebek!

As amazing 2015 was, we also lost a lot of amazing people which if you wait till the end of the video playing, you will see. Thank you all for supporting  for us and look forward to seeing you all in 2016.

A special thanks to the MountainMan, GabbyPool, Missy, Ryan, Rick, Greg the Intern and of course AMAudioMedia for all their hard work and support.

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