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TV Review: The 100

Updated: May 27, 2019

The 100 is a post-apocalyptic drama airing on The CW. Currently awaiting the season 3 premiere, I took to Netflix to see if the show was as hot as the interwebs had said.

The earth has been poisoned by radiation from nuclear bombs that were detonated, rendering it uninhabitable. 12 nations sent select humans up into space to live on what they call the Ark. The earth is deemed a death trap that will remain as such to any living creature for 100 years. At the time of the pilot, they have been in space for 97.

As one would expect in a dystopian society, there are rules and laws put in place with strict consequences leaving no grey area. Break the rules and you are executed, by being floated, which is a snappy term for being thrown into space with no oxygen. The only exception to the rule applies to minors, anyone under 18 will live out their sentence locked up in prison cells, waiting to be tried for their crimes, with hopes that the isolation doesn’t drive them insane before the big day.

Of course, after 97 years of floating around in space, something is bound to go wrong, and it comes in the form of the Ark dying. Enter the 100. The 100 are the aforementioned group of teenaged delinquents who are selected to go to ground to test the earths stability and see if the radiation has dissipated enough for the other Ark dwellers to pop on down.

We watch the story unfold by following Clarke Griffin, a caring and outspoken member of the 100. She is dragged onto the shuttle with the others, being told by her mother, [Chief Medical Officer of the Ark, Abbie Griffin] that the 100 are “not being sentenced to die, but being given a chance to live.” After a bumpy descent to earth resulting in two deaths and losing communication with the Ark, the 100, (or should we say the 98) land on earth, 20 miles from their target drop site.

Leaving the rest of the 100 behind to recklessly and gleefully enjoy their new found freedom, Clarke recruits a group of 5 [Herself, Finn, Octavia, Monty and Jasper] to trek to Mount Weather, where their food and supplies are located. During their journey, they are amazed by things they’ve never seen before. Fresh air, trees and free roaming animals leave them in awe, but just when they think there is hope, radiation rears its ugly head (or two to be precise) when the majestic dear they were admiring turns to show it’s mutated with a second head growing out of his first.

Their trouble doesn’t stop there, the group continues their journey by crossing a river. Jasper puts on a brave face and takes the leap to the other side, but his victory is cut short when a spear is launched at him and he is impaled. The remaining 4 group members flee the scene thinking Jasper is dead, stumbling across a deformed skull of a human like creature not far from where they were. It is now clear to the group that they are not the only ones on earth, and they have more urgent and dangerous problems than radiation alone.

The 100 need to find a way to work together to conquer the threats within them, because if they don’t, they have no chance against what the earth has in store for them. The 100 is a great depiction of what life would be like after humans inevitably destroy the earth. With a lord of the flies like fall out that results in a group of adolescence with no adult to lead them, it feels unnervingly real. The way the show is executed makes the viewer think from the perspective of each teen, understanding the feelings behind each decision made. Over all a very entertaining show that will leave you grateful for your mattress after a nice Netflix binge.

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