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The Cult of Personality or Cockiness?

Updated: May 27, 2019

Phil Brooks, known to the world as CM Punk, was my hero for many years. I saw him coming before most people. I saw a few of his matches in RoH and I knew he was a superstar before the WWE did. When he debuted in ECW(at that time under the WWE banner) against Justin Credible on 08/01/06, I was hooked. I watched his career grow from that point and even when turned heel, I was still a dedicated fan. His straight edge personality, ring attributes, and mic skills were astonishing. Even Bret “The Hitman” Hart was quoted as saying that CM Punk was the future of this business. But like always, all good things come to an end.

The sad part is, when he officially left wrestling, it was my last shred of interest I had left in WWE. I used to watch Wrestlemania just to make sure the Undertaker streak was still there, but since that is over, now I officially have no reason.

CM Punk is a hilarious and intelligent character. Listening to his podcast appearances with Nerdist or even some of the grammar video’s he has done only proves how he awesome he is. But, I was rather disturbed from an article I just read. As published by

“Ex-WWE superstar Phil "CM Punk" has never fought in a professional match in the UFC. In fact, some speculate his entire involvement in the sport is nothing more than a publicity stunt, as his debut keeps getting pushed back. So you can probably imagine why it came as a bit of a surprise to MMA fans when it was revealed he has an in-game rating of 85/100 in EA Sports UFC 2.”


It's not the highest rating the game has ever seen, but for an aging, injury-prone fighter with zero professional fights under his belt? I think many would agree it's probably a smidgen too high. Hell, I think many are surprised he's even in the game to begin with. Not one to mince words, CM Punk had this to say to his doubters and detractors:”

What the hell CM Punk? Calling gamers with an opinion “butt hurt?” I am not doubting your in ring ability, it would be hard to since we have yet to see you in the octagon. This is where the logic fails good sir. I would never agree to having a 85/100 ability in writing in articles. I am, sure in this article alone there is ton of spelling and grammatical errors. Then so be it, but I accept my mortality and troll like comments I could endure. You on the other hand, have yet to have a UFC match, and are being buttered up to the next Next Big Thing(Brock Lesnar reference) to happen to the UFC.

What really irritates me is that Dana White will not give Jason David Frank(The Green Ranger) a fight in the UFC, who has a proven MMA track record but yet signs CM Punk that doesn’t even have a MMA record. It leads me to believe that this is more of a publicity stunt more than anything, since he signed on December 6th, 2014 and still has yet to have a match.

Does this mean he should not be in the UFC game? No, but to be on the cover art and to have a pro fighting stat is kinda ludacris. For all we know he could be the next Anderson Silva and end up being the best in the sport. Or he could up like Glass Joe from Mike Tyson’s Punch out. But, I have an idea, why not accept the fight from JDF? Exhibition fight? What is there to lose? Even Lesnar matches in the UFC and he could be considered one of the best heavyweights of all time. I know if CM Punk saw this article, he would probably out wit me and probably destroy me with an epic retort and that's fine. At least I know he read something I wrote about him, regardless if it is positive or negative.

So in closing, instead of antagonizing your fans and gamers, put your money where your mouth is CM Punk.

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