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Movie Review: LandMine Goes Click

Updated: May 27, 2019

Three american tourists are crossing a desolated landscape in a rural part of Georgia. The area was known to be strewn with landmines during the war. But that seems to be a minor threat compared to the nightmarish happenings that the afternoon will bring on.

IMDb rating 6.3/10       Metacritic 35/100      Rotten Tomatoes 84%

What is there to say about this movie? Enough that is for certain. Now I recently grabbed it sheerly on the name alone. Similar in the way that I happened upon 'Dead Hooker in a Trunk' by sheer name alone it struck a chord with me and I took a look and figured why not. Now the information that I got on this film was minimal at best. It was directed, written and produced by Levan Bahkia who also did the same with another indie flick 247°F. His films are typically filmed and produced and released thru Georgia his home country and this film is no different. Not a major budget by any means only $650,000 U.S.

Being a low budget movie there isn't a big cast at all there are only a handful or two of actors in the flick I believe 7 in total.

Daniel played by Dean Geyer (Glee) and Alicia played by Spencer Locke (Resident Evil franchise) are the two that have any kind of major acting chops which would certain be able to keep the budget down. There are a lot of longer shots which allowed the actors to really build the human drama and emotion between the characters. There are only two locations in the film the mountaintop with the landmine and Ilya's home. The way the film is written there are only and handful of actors needed and very few locale's.

Now the synopsis of the movie is bare minimal but the plot is a little more in depth than what it suggests. There is a love triangle between the 3 people that go away to Georgia before the wedding of Daniel and Alicia. Daniel has known about the infidelity for some time and actually plans everything out with Chris stepping on the landmine. Then there is the appearance of the sick and twisted Ilya who comes along to lend his help but not without some interesting strings. Alicia is critically injured and when Daniel is knocked over the and landmine doesn't go off there is a passage of time that takes place before Daniel comes face to face with Ilya and his family.

Now this movie does really delve into the cruelty of humanity and what a human being and put other human beings through and then of course the revenge that those who survive plot and plan.  The initial deception with Chris leaving Alicia and Daniel on the mountaintop.  Then the mind games and cruelty of Ilya and what he forces Alicia to do while Daniel watches from the landmine unable to do anything about it.  And of course finally the revenge of Daniel on Ilya and his family after Alicia dies on the mountaintop and realizes that the landmine was a dud.  The emotions are very prevalent throughout the movie and are really what allows this movie to be palatable from start to finish.  The plot is far from enough to carry the movie for 90+ minutes the acting would have to be what pulls the movie from the mud.

Was the movie up to what I expected?  Yes.  Is it something I would recommend?   Not to everyone, for those looking for something different or that enjoy indie films or low-budget films sure.  For the typical film watcher I would say no.  I did delve into the other film that Bakhia directed 247°F and it looks like it could be another film I wouldn't mind taking a look at.  Not that I don't have enough movies or things on my plate to review but why not if I can manage to get my hands on a copy of it.

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