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Game Review: Mad Max

Updated: May 27, 2019

One again a movie franchise has been turned into a game. In 1979 the original movie was the most profitable film of its time, and with the release of fury road WB felt it was time to release a new take on it in the form of post apocalyptic open world survival game.From beating up warboys to modifying your ride Mad Max is full of interesting things to do.


In a world devastated by a virus that killed majority of life on earth. The only things that matter now are Water, Food and gasoline. You are the infamous Max seeking revenge for the death of your family and the ones you know.  Basicly you are driving around making allies and just trying to survive by any means necessary. The story really isn't explained in the game other than the search for Gasoline. That doesn't mean you have to know the movies to understand the game but it does help.The most i can explain is Lord Scrotus Controls the land and all the resources (ie scrap, water, and gasoline). In the open sequence you kill scrotus and spend the rest of the game making allies to take back the land all the resources needed to survive in this desolate wasteland. Throughout the game glimpses into the past and what happened through ancient artifacts that you discover in various camps and outposts.

2/5 Warboys


The game consists of driving around finding resources and taking over gang camps run by the evil Scrotus as well as others. Oh did I mention driving around? More than 60% of the game consists of driving from one locations to another. Even when you unlock fast travel to scouting locations and allied base camps, you still end up doing A LOT of driving. while driving around various bad guys will attack you and try to ram you off the road. While driving you have to keep an eye on your gas and the overall health of your car. You also have a companion named Chumbucket who rides along with you fixing and upgrading your car, as well launching weapons from the back like grappling hooks and thundersticks (explosive harpoons). Now personally i was not a fan of all the driving seems like it takes forever to get where you are trying to go and there is always something that you have to stop and do while you're driving from here to there.

The other aspect to the game is fighting. It's your typical react and respond style fighting with the inclusion of various weapons. You start the game with a single shot shotgun that eventually you can upgrade to up to 4 shots and shivs that help you quickly finish off those pesky warboys. You can also pick up various weapons that your enemies drop. Every time you enter a camp expect hordes of various difficulty warboys that you will have to beat up. If you can string together enough hits you can enter into fury mode which makes your hits much stronger and opens up finishing moves to to quickly dispatch justice. This fighting style works but it's not really anything new.

4/5 Warboys

Replay value

In terms of replay you might wanna go through to get 100% of the items, but i don't know that i'll wanna go through the story again. On the bright side this game is huge. In 2 weeks i thought i was almost done only to find out that i'm not even half way. There are numerous camps and outposts to scavenge and take over. They also do a pretty good job of making you collect resources you need to upgrade. You can't just fly through the story without doing side jobs to upgrade you car and character. If you don't the warboys will mop the floor with your corpse. So while it may not be a game that you will play again it will take you plenty of time to beat the first time.

3/5 Warboys


The game is a lot of fun and i've spent a good amount of time without getting bored. One thing i will say is this game felt much like another title from the same company. Basically it's Arkham knight in the desert so if liked that game you  will more than likely like this one. While it didn't really offer anything new i liked it and have reccomended it on several occasions.  I understand the “if it ain't broke don't fix it” mentality but at the same time it does feel like WB took the same engine they usually use and tuned to cater to the new Mad Max movie, even though it doesn't really have the same story.

4/5 Warboys  

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