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Artist Spotlight: Question No.6

Updated: May 27, 2019

Exciting news for Doctor Who comic readers, Titan Comics, publisher of the popular Doctor Who line of comics will be pressing a series of special variant covers drawn by new comer artist Question no.6. Johnny Sharma sits down with Question no.6 and talks shop!

As Droids Canada readers will know Japan based Question no.6 drew the popular webcomic for AM Audio Media’s Doctor Who Dark Journey. The variant covers will be used for three issues in 2016 featuring the nuWho Doctors of David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.

Droids Canada recently chatted with the talented Question no. 6 about her art and Doctor Who fandom.

Droids: Who are you artistic influences and what elements of their style do you emulate in your work?

No. 6: My drawing style use to be more like manga but it’s evolved into my own thing over time. After I discovered Doctor Who I’ve worked that into what I do. For my Doctor Who covers specifically I searched out retro scifi cartoons and films as well as 60s-70s products to try and illustrate like that.

Droids: When did you first start drawing and what do you like about it?

No. 6: I don't remember exactly... probably when I was in a elementary school here in Japan. I really liked to imitate Japanese manga at that time.

Droids: What was your first reaction to finding out you would be doing the new Titan comics covers? How did they find out about your work?

No. 6: First I couldn't believe it really happened ... And actually, it's more anxiety than happiness because, you know, there's so much pressure that 'OMG my art will be out to the world!'

My relationship with Titan started when I was in London. I had a booth at the London Super Comic-Con. Titan Comics also had a booth there so I put all of my Doctor Who fan art into a portfolio, and handed it to the editor. After few months later, they got in touch with me!

Droids: How big is Doctor Who fandom in Japan? This isn't real is it ?

No. 6: Haha! I know this video! But not sure who made it. I'd like to be their friends though! Unfortunately Doctor Who is not as widely known in other countries at the moment. I’m hoping my covers make people interested in it.

Droids: What comic cons and art events have you displayed your art at? How did other fans like your art?

No. 6: While staying in the UK, I've attended the Birmingham Comics Festival and Takeover2015, the zine event in London. Now I sometimes participate in Japanese comic or art events. Usually I post my work on tumblr or twitter and many people see my work there first.

Droids: Who's your favourite Doctor to draw and why?

No. 6: The 11th Doctor!! His face is so characteristic isn't it? His hair style, that long offence! I do so love to draw him!

Droids: When and where (online) can readers purchase your comic covers and will they be available in stores?

No. 6: TENTH DOCTOR #2.6 (#NOV151626) and TWELFTH DOCTOR #2.2 (#NOV151636) are on sale Jan 13th, 2016. ELEVENTH DOCTOR #2.6 (#NOV151631) is on sale Feb 3rd, 2016.

Droids: So where is the Dark Journey Doctor cover? Fans are looking for it!

No. 6: Haha! Please wait a little while! I really want to work with Dark Journey because that story is so AWESOME!!! Ask your local comic shop to reserve you a copy now or visit Titan Comics for more info! To find your local comic shop!

You will be able to get them from your nearest comic book shop or online websites that sell Doctor Who comics!

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