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Star Wars #ForceAwakensTO Pop-Up Exhibit

Updated: May 27, 2019

With Star Wars: Force Awakens only a few days away, I came across an article online about a Star Wars Exhibit in Toronto. It was referred to as a "Pop-Up" exhibit which I have never heard of before. So I ventured out to Toronto and met up with my best friend Ryan Erole @thekerplunq, to see what this was all about. After experiencing the Subway for the first time, we finally made it to the exhibit.

First thing that was clearly apparent, is that Toronto is excited for the new Star Wars film. It was a rainy, miserably Sunday afternoon where myself and Ryan waited for about 30 minutes to enter this exhibit. We listened to others talk about what could happen in the new film and watched people get excited as they got closer to main door. There was no charge for this exhibit which I am forever grateful for. Understanding there was not much to see, but to pay to see such little content would have been a huge detractor to the experience.

The first thing you saw as you entered the exhibit was the "NOTICE FILMING TODAY." Which could mean that we could end up in a behind the scenes featurette on the Blu Ray that will come out next year. But, to be perfectly honest there was not much there that could inspire me to watch a featurette for the exhibit sadly. On a side note, while we were waiting in line, we saw Kevin O'Leary from the Dragon's Den which was pretty cool as he was leaving the CP24 building.

There was only 4 costumes available to observe and 2 BB-8's. The Rey costume was pretty cool to see with the BB-8 display. Still didn't help me determine if she is a jedi or not. Captain Phasma's and Kylo Ren's suit was quite badass. Captain Phasma's suit was very well made and I can not wait to see it in use on the big screen next week.

Kylo Ren's suit was pretty cool as well, but his lightsaber only had the hilt and no saber blade was exposed. There was also a new StormTrooper suit on display which clearly illustrated the differences from the old suits and the evolution of the Storm Trooper.

All in all, the only money you would spend at this experience would be for the generic Force Awakens T-Shirt and a photo op with BB-8. Which seemed to be fairly priced.

But if you are in the Toronto area, check out the exhibit. You can not complain, especially if it is free. The exhibit opened on 12/05/15 and will be closing on 12/21/15.

Be sure you check it out and tweet your photo's with #ForceAwakensTO!

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