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Gremlin Rule 3.0 - Don’t Drink In The Park After Midnight

Updated: May 26, 2019

Gremlins actor Zach Galligan says that the much rumoured ‘Gremlins 3’ film is finally in development after years of speculation. Galligan, who starred in both the 1984 comedy/horror film and the zanny Joe Dante written and directed 1990 sequel, confirmed fandom speculation at a recent Gremlins screening in London. Franchise creators Stephen Spielberg and Chris Columbus are said to be involved in the new film. Gallligan calmed fans fears that the Gremlins they know and love wasn’t going anywhere. ’It's not going to be a reboot. It will not be a remake in any way shape or form,' said the 51-year-old who claims he's been in contact about the new film with both Spielberg and Columbus.

He continued that Gremlins 3 would be 'along the lines of Jurassic World, where it will be 30 years later, all of the elements that happened in at least the first Gremlins movie will be referred to and apparently some of the characters from the first one will reappear in the new one that they're planning right now.' Galligan was optimistic that his lovely Gremlins co-star Phoebe Cates would also return to the franchise - as previously leaked in his exclusive interview with Neil and Johnny on Drinking In The Park.

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