For the third year in a row, Droids Canada was invaded for Niagara's biggest show of the year, Niagara Falls ComicCon! GabbyPool, Mr. J, and the MountainMan complete multiple podcasts/interviews and cause shenanigans on the con floor as always! During this Con they met David HassleHoff, Ryan Hurst, Scott Wilson and more cosplayer friends!

A crazy day at the first day of NFCC '15. The MountainMan, Rainer(KRATOS), ArachNAsh and the host with the most, Mr. J invade NFCC,15. This podcast is snippets of their insane day of shenanigans as they ran a muck on the Con Floor. During this podcast they meet David Hasslehoff(Baywatch) and Scott Wilson(The Walking Dead). They also complete some interviews with photographer Lee Kindy, Meghan Solo(cosplayer) and the most eviiiiiiiiill man ever, Dr. SteVil! Also did the MountainMan reduce wife aggro before the end of the Con? Time will tell!!

No news today! Sorry peeps! However, we have a treat for all of you! You wanted more interviews! So we gave you the cream of the crop! London Batman( joins the crew from the Niagara Falls Comic Con floor and attempt to discuss cosplay! Main word, attempt. It was literally one of the most funniest interviews ever completred on the show to date! Why is there 2 parts? Because we tried again on Sunday! Watch for that episode as well! SKARCHEEEEEERRRRRR!.

Part 2 or in reality, our second attempt of completing an Interview with London Batman! Completed yet again on the NFCC floor! But he was not the Bats today. He was Archer! Not only does he complete an interview but he does in it character as Archer! So be careful, you may laugh to hard at this interview!


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