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Where to start. Well first off, I need to thank the man himself, Cecil Garner(Cecil Grimes Cosplay) for having us at his Walking Dead Experience booth all weekend long at Niagara Falls Comic Con. It was a long one, but it is full of a lot of memories and shenanigans that I will never forget. I need to thank my #TeamRick Jody Ann Hyde(Mz. Hyde Cosplay) Steve Vil, Karen, Tanith Lund(Loki-Quinn Cosplay) Jen Johnston and Dan Morrison for working hard through these last 3 days and putting up with my tyranny.


Then I need to thank #TeamNegan which is really just Geoff MacDonald(Messiah Complex Cosplay), for hanging out at the booth and being a prop all day Saturday. Also, we did make sure Margaritaville know that #WeAreNegan! We all know he liked it. A shout out to my boys, Matthew for coming in on Thursday to help with setup and A.J. for doing the coverage of #NFCC while we were hard at work. Another special shout out to Lucille. Yes, my favorite thing in the whole world. She stuck by me all weekend and even made a few people jealous of our love. lol. Also we were made honory members of the The Legion of Doom Cosplay group by Topher Watson which is a huge honor for us! And I know there is literally a ton of people I saw and stopped by to support us on this venture and I thank you all for doing so! I tagged everyone that I can recall but if I missed you I am sorry. Feel free to tag in anyone I missed so they know how much I appreciate them!

Thank you all for making this venture a success for us and we hope to see you at the next event very, very soon. But until remember, #WeAreNegan

We were unable to record something for Monday because we just that exhausted. But, Dan and Todd sat down in the studio talked about their long week at NFCC working at the Cecil Grimes Cosplay booth! They took about the celebrities that stopped by, memories and even took a trip to McDonalds at midnight, shamefully.

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