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The team do the unthinkable. They travel out of province for a Comic Con?! Madness I say! For the first time ever, Droids Canada was accreditated for Montreal Comic Con. So they packed up their laptops, cameras, snacks and picked up an EVIL doctor and away they went!

First off, I want to thank the Leeja Murphy and her team from Agence Pink Marketing. They were extremely accomodating, especially when it was my error on the media accreditation mix up. They were very professional and extremely accomodating. I would like to thank them again for the wonderful opportunity again.

How do we start to explain one of the best Comic Con Conventions? Well, First thing I will admit. I found this to me more of an intimate convention and the volunteers/organizers of the event were extremely professional. I have been to over 30 Comic Con's in the past few years and this is by far in the top 2 conventions I have ever attended. We were able to co mingle with friends and celebrities in the event without feeling pressured to move along or feel like we were taking up anyones time. During our trip we were able to meet a ton of celebrities and even completed a few interviews which are below!

Total traffic for this Comic Con was 56 thousand. Which is very impressive. The layout for this convention made perfect sense and it was very easy to navigate through. Definitely a must attend convention if you havent yet!


Congratulations Montreal Comic Con! We hope that you will have us back for more shenigans next year!

During out trip we got to hang out with acting greats! First we begged Manu Bennett to come back to Arrow as Deathstroke, talked Malcolm McDowell trivia with Michael Ironside, found out Captain Canuck lives around the corner from us, learned about a Pitiful Human Lizard, Dr. Stevil got yelled at by photographer in front of Summer Glau(because he is evil), hung out with Sailor Moon & Tuxedo Mask, and ran up 2 flights of escalators to meet John Barrowman! Due to a death threat on John;s life, we were shuffled around before we could meet him.

However, recently we became friends with Noelle Hannibal who is a very beautiful and talented person, who asked if she could join in on our photo op with John. Of course we agreed. But what we didn't know is that she could sneak us in before anyone else to meet him before the picture. After getting us cleared with security, we were good to go. Thank you Noelle.

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