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What I mean by relaxing, I mean not severely congested or poorly laid out. If you ever see myself or the crew at a convention, by about the halfway point of the day, my agitation reaches critical level due to people bumping into me, not paying attention where they are walking, randomly stopping, or the feeling of suffocation by the large amount of people.  That wasn’t the case in London. There was a good amount of foot traffic and the layout wasn’t too overbearing.


London Comic boasts a ton of positives for such a small-medium sized convention, but it does carry some negatives.

The positives I found was:


- The intimate atmosphere they built. Especially around the open stage for panels.

- I was skeptical at first, but the live wrestling show was a huge plus. Especially for people who do not attend comic cons often. It is a good break for the nerdom and keeps people staying at the convention longer

- Vendors was solid. Lots of different types/styles which is a good change up from the larger cons as they stick with the same vendors and it reduces variety

- The celebrity layout was perfect for intimacy. We were able to talk to most celebrities no problem with very little wait.

-  Knowledgeable and useful staff

How do you explain an entire day of shenanigans in a few short paragraphs? The was our first time at London Comic Con so we didn’t know what to expect! With our Con Season winding down for us, we needed a nice relaxing convention and that’s what we got. But we also introduced a new character for the show. We are sorry, but Big Baby Head Bane was born. I blame Walmart.

Not Positive/Negative

-  Beer at a convention? May be a positive but leads to a negative below.



- The Photo ops were not fully organized. No person should ever have to wait over an hour to obtain their copy of their photo op. The photographer was not polite and they were using a printer that was not proper for the magnitude of photo’s they would be printing. The copies I made at Walmart from the digital download looked better.

- Not enough food options/variety. At one point all I wanted was a bottle of water and the main area for food was completely swamped. It appeared to be a unorganized and we waited in line for 15 minutes and there was no movement. I went to the bar and they had no water to sell, only beer? That’s a miss. 

During our visit we got to interview 3 amazing people and meet 2 awesome celebrities. On the upcoming podcasts you hear from Peter Litvin from the Troma movie Hectic Knife, London’s own Batman(SKAAARRCHER) and Joey Jeremiah from Degrasse! We also asked Kevin Nash for an interview but due to contractual obligations, he was not able to participate which was sad. He seemed very interested in talking.


But we were able to hang out with Kevin Sorbo and Levar Burton! Hercules and Geordie Laforge! We also wanted to me Mark Boone Junior(Bobby Elvis from SOA) but time did not permit. We were too busy with shenanigans with Toby Proctor(Tuxedo mask) and the one & only Dr. Stevil! Overall, it is a decent con and suggest people to attend next year! Be sure to check out the podcast and videos on!


Thanks for having us!

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