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After a long drive home from Cornwall, Todd and GabbyPool rest up for their Sunday Convention, GTA Comic Con. First time since joining the comvention world whereas we were offered a table to promote our craft. It was alot of fun and we made a lot of new friends and saw alot of old ones!

We arrive at the convention a few moments before it opened. Which was perfect timing as it only took a few moments for us to unpack and set up. We were put out in the lobby area beside, who would become very good friends with, Shannon Graham and Del Morgado. Del was there promoting his show, "The Del Morgado Show," which could be heard every Tuesday night at 9PM on!

After taking in a hilarious interview with Del, we tour the floor and end up spending 160 dollars in 15 minutes. It wasn't even fair but totally worth it! We also observed some of the cosplayer festivities by the main stage and was bale to talk to long time favorites of the page, Jenn Marvel Cosplay and Candy Cosplay. Being as awesome as always, they signed some prints for the page! Epic!


However, we begun to track down the ever so elusive London Batman. One of the podcasts fan favorities due to his off of the wall personality and ability to make you laugh uncontrollably, he was a must have for the podcast, again! This would be his 4th time on the podcast. Check it out on the player below at the 24 minute mark.

Also, it appears Alfred may have packed the wrong suit as he was dressed as Superman? Being known as Batman and as Archer, the team didnt know how to react to him. As always.

This was the first time we attended GTA Comic Con in anyway, but we hope we get asked back again as a guest. We had a lot of fun and this con was amazing!

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