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Dan seeks out the artist, That Joker Guy for a follow up interview from last years Fan Expo. They discuss art, cosplay, a deep convo about life and more.

Be sure to follow That Joker guy on the following and check out his art at:


Instagram: @ImThatJokerGuy

That Joker Guy.jpg

The Con Stranger chats it up with the cosplay guests from Fan Expo. He speaks with Evilyn13, Audrey Cosplay and Luxlo Cosplay.


The Con Stranger gets to sit down with the amazing Comic Artist, Ken Lashley. Follow him on the Facebooks/twitter/Instagram @LedKilla


Dan sits down with Zach Callison at Fan Expo. Zach is known for voicing the titular character of Steven Universe. He is also noted for his roles in Disney shows including Prince James from Sofia the First, Billy from I'm in the Band and additional voices from Kinect Disneyland Adventures.

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