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For the 3rd year, Droids Canada packs up their gear and head to Toronto for the biggest Convention in Canada, Fan Expo.


It may have been our 3rd year accredited(We went the past 4 years) but it was Dan the Italian Jedi’s first. Recently debuting his new show on YouTube called “The Con Stranger,” it was a lot for him to take in. Like the last few years, Fan Expo took over both the North and South wing with plenty of things to do. You could hang out with Rusty Sinner Cosplay and scare your friends(Dan may never recover), hang out at Ash’s workshop from Ash vs the Evil Dead, meet celebrities, or just amuck with the cosplayers.

On the Sunday, Todd and Dan returned but the brought the infamous GabbyPool back with them. Luckily for Gabbypool, Judge Brown was not in attendance, so she was not thrown into an insolation cube for how she acted on twitter. Don’t worry, I am sure Judge Brown did not forget…. Moving On. Dan decided he wanted to get over his fear of zombies and horror characters in general, judging by the video below, we don’t feel he got over these fears. After he cooled off, he continued his journey to meet every Harley Quinn, it was interesting to say at least.

In closing, we had another fun and exciting year at Fan Expo. We would like to thank Fan Expo and Touchwood PR for inviting us back every year! See you next year Fan Expo.

On the Friday, Todd and Dan walked around and interviewed people about the convention. People such as Rusty Sinner Cosplay, Toby Proctor(Tuxedo Mask), Linda Ballantyne(Sailor Moon), Dr. Stevil and many different Harley quins. Why the Harley quins? Because Dan decided he wanted to make Todd work. It was not appreciated. This convention also marked the retirement of the infamous Toronto Batman. We didn’t have much time to talk to him during the convention, but everyone at the Droids Canada Podcast would like to send their best to TBats and hope he enjoys his retirement.


During the Friday visit, Todd was able to complete a podcast with the Special Horror Guests Rusty Sinner Cosplay and Cecil Grimes Cosplay! Check it out on the sound cloud link below!

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