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Droids Canada proudly presents the award winning audio drama, Doctor Who Dark Journey. Enjoy the pre-show commentary with Mr. J and the MountainMan, as they discuss the 12 part series with the creators of this Dark Doctor Who universe. Enjoy the show! Once it is done, scroll below and check out all the other podcasts we have completed with our broadcast partner AMAudioMedia plus photos and art work!

Doctor Who Dark Journey

Series 2 - Episode 4 - The Passing of Light

“You prayed when you lost them Doctor? Why?”

Holmes discovers the horrific truth of the Bonesmen and braves the whispering shadows to save Emily. The foundations of The Doctors life are shaken to their very core as the shame of his ancient secret is revealed by Gull and his illuminatos spirits. When the ghosts of The Noble Project rise to speak, The Doctor realizes that he has been a pawn in a deadly and ancient game. Cassandra’s seduction of the Doctor reaches a murderous conclusion as Holmes looks into the dead eyes of the innocent and finds only revenge, fury and his own destruction.

Doctor Who Dark Journey is a Canadian, award winning audio series written by Andrew Chalmers, episode 3 and 4 sound design by Kevin Gray, directed by MA Tamburro.


Free to listen to and download via itunes, soundcloud, stitcher radio, PlayerFM and AM Audio Media


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