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Time Index:


0:00 - Intro with DJ Johnny Rock and Neil Yonge.


1:30 - Episode 1: Legend Of The Beast

“The Doctor is dead. Long live The Doctor?..”

Holmes has to deal with an unhinged Doctor who has no mercy for those who oppose him. A Doctor who has cheated death many times but this time it’s very different and much more dangerous.


19:15 - Episode 2: The Case Of The Poisoned Sky

“Summon the Beast, summon the Beast….”

The Doctor and Holmes take to the air in an attempt to stop the end of the world. But what evil waits for them in the dark skies above London?


34:30 - Episode 3: The Age Of Banishment

“What would the demented woman have said to you Holmes?”

Holmes faces his tragic upbringing as the Illuminatos spirits taunt him with the sadness of the past ... the moment in which ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ hero of London was forged from pain and despair.


53:41 - Episode 4: The Passing Of Light

“You prayed when you lost them Doctor? Why?”

Holmes discovers the horrific truth of the Bonesmen and braves the horrific whispering shadows to save Emily.


69:00 - Intermission with DJ Johnny Rock and Doctor Chalmers


74:00 - Episode 5: Sins Of The Father

Cassandra and her murderous cult of Bonesmen continue to stay one step ahead of The Doctor and Holmes but our heroes have help from beyond the realms of existence itself.


92:00 - Episode 6: Lost Souls

As the darkness gives way to light the Doctor discovers that his journey is over but a new one is about to begin.As old friends walk the cobbled stones of Baker Street, a battle scarred Holmes, intelligence and bravery still intact but world view forever changed, wrestles with the darkest question of all…


106:30 - Episode 7: Dark Journeys End

The battle may have been won but for The Doctor the war wages on… For a Time Lord, memories never remain in the past. As the ghosts of yesteryear reappear in the Doctor’s life only one question remains…Can the Doctor make peace with himself or will his regret over the destruction of the Noble Project serve to end the Time Lords’s life?


124:10 - = DJ Johnny Rock interviews the cast of Doctor Dark Journey!


149:00 - Sneak Peek to Season 3 of Doctor Who Dark Journey

The Cast of Doctor Who Dark Journey



The Doctor - Andrew Chalmers


Sherlock Holmes - Roy Miranda


Emily Hudson, Mrs. Hudson - Kate Elyse Forrest


Fred - MA Tamburro


Inspector Gull, Watson, The Daleks, Demon Spirit - Rikki Wright

Cassandra - Larissa Benfey


Holmes lady friend, Susan - Adrienne Fish


Benedict Waters, Various Voices - Paul Thomas Manz


Pub Thug, Various Voices -​ Atweh Atweh


Sergeant Pike - Ben Clifford


The Production Team of Doctor Who Dark Journey


Director - MA Tamburro

Writer - Andrew Chalmers

Sound Design Series 1 -

Clayton Turner Episodes 1-5

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Droids Canada proudly presents the award winning audio drama, Doctor Who Dark Journey!

Here is a New Years Day presentation that everyone will enjoy!

This is the Second Season of the amazing Doctor Who Audioplay, which includes 7 suspenseful and dark episodes that will show you a darker side to the Doctor!  Be sure to listen and share this award winning audio drama because Doctor Chalmers commands you to!