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One of our reporters, Johnny Rock from The Drinking in the Park podcast, sits down with AMAudiomedia frontman MA Tamburro to discuss this new and odd version of the Doctor Who audioplay.

By DJ Johnny Rock

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While Roy Mirandra and indeed none of the principal actors from Dark Journey are returning for the new series Tamburro insists they were all invited but just knew better. In their place several Dark Journey background character actors have been promoted to the TARDIS crew including Atweh Atweh, Paul Thomas Manz, Jason Gray and Merrin Lalonde.

Regenerating a popular lead whether it be Tom Baker or Andrew Chalmers is no easy task according to AM Audio Media casting agent ‘Clammy’ Jay. He says that Atweh Atweh was always the first choice for the role of The Doctor. He contends that this was mostly because he agreed to work for free and could read.

Miss the Doctor Who Dark Odyssey Promos from the podcasts?

They are below just for you!!

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“This is Doctor Who, red white and blue.”  


Indeed this is a very different take on the Lord of Time. Gone is the troubled backstory about the Noble Project and the evil forces of the Illunanatos. In their place are back to back space chases, buxom assistants and musical numbers performed by the affable cast.

“I was a big fan of 80’s action TV so my influences are the classics really,” says Tamburro, citing Knight Rider, The A-Team and Alf.

Episodes of Dark Odyssey are now available via itunes and Droids Canada with an action packed story arc that sees The Doctor battle foes old and new such as The Daleks, The Master and diabetes.   

Doctor Who is back and it’s about time. Canada’s AM Audio Media is reviving their Doctor Who Dark Journey audio drama series under the new banner ‘Doctor Who Dark Odyssey’. The new series is a departure from the company's fan favourite WHOLOCK saga written by and starring Andrew Chalmers as the Doctor and co-starring the award winning Roy Miranda as Sherlock Holmes. This series features a new Doctor, who has regenerated into an American Nascar driver.


“We felt a change in tone and style was necessary at this point in the Dark Journiverse,” says new showrunner MA Tamburro.  “While Dark Journey was for the fans and by the fans, Dark Odyssey is about money, for money. The American market is huge for audio drama so when I proposed we ‘rejig’ things for our US listeners Andrew jumped off a building. He’s fine, it was just one floor.”


When reached for comment Chalmers declined to say anything, aside from a 85 minute tirade where he repeatedly slammed the project as a “blatant money grab that wasn’t true to the ethos of Doctor Who” along with a humorous if well tread story about how he first met Roy Miranda moments before recording Dark Journey.

“Atweh is one of those rare talents in acting. You give him a line and he does something that you totally weren’t expecting. Sometimes he doesn’t even do the lines in a way that makes sense.”


Sound Designer Kevin Gray (who crafted AM Audio Media’s celebrated plays The Age of Banishment and The Passing of Light) says that Dark Journey was a unique project that combined two great IP’s but this time around he wanted to go back to basics.


“What we’ve done is really strip away all the trappings of drama, story and acting that were getting in the way of telling the kind of stories about Timelord hangovers and trips to Space McDonalds that we’ve always wanted to tell,” says Gray.

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