The Droids drive 6+ hours to meet their long time friend from podcasting, Chris Harrelson. Chris, a past guest on the show due to his own work on The Walking Dead, was at CAPE 2016. They also took in all the epic cosplay, celebrities and of course, a dance off with Dr. Stevil.

To say the drive was not brutal would be a massive lie and I am 100% positive GabbyPool would punch me. As you can tell, this was our first adventure this far North from the Niagara Region of Ontario. Because of time restrictions and a convention the next day, we were only able to stay half a day, sadly.

We arrive very late Friday night to only be greeted by random 401 closures which caused us great defeat in meeting our friend Chris before the covention. After finding a motel, GabbyPool and I crash for the night as we are fully aware, the day ahead will be long but exciting!


We wake at first light and go for a quick breakfast at a local restaurant, which was typical and not mindblowing at all. After getting some supplies, we head back to the motel to pack up before the con and then everything became clear. During the night we hear manical laughter and couldnt place it. the one and only Doctor Stevil was 2 doors from us! As soon as we realized this, he drove away yelling he was going to pick up seabass with lazers on their heads? Is this a real thing?


GabbyPool puts her face on and we head over to the Benson Center.

The event was a good size event for what was brought forward. There was alot of events, vendors. cosplayers, and the right amount of celebrities for the foot traffic they recieved. There was very little negative that we overheard or even had ourselves. There was a great energy with the convention. I would like to point out that one of the Promoters(Carol) actually came over to us and asked how we were and such. This has never happened at the 20+ cons we have ever been to. She made sure we were well cared for.


We got to hang out with Dr. Stevil where a dance off occurred, tooks pictures with the Xmen of Montreal, hung out with Chris Harrelson and Coleman Youmans from the Walking Dead! We had such an amazing time, we would come back next year if asked! We also want to congratulate Randy and Carol(The promoters) on their wedding that occurred that night! We were not able to attend due travelling, but we wish them the best!

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