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2 Cons down, 1 to go for the month of April. Gabby Pool, Todd and DJ Johnny Rock head to their first appearance at the Ad Astra Convention in Richmond Hill, Ontario!

Ad Astra. Richmond Hill. Droids Canada invades for the firt time to one of longest running conventions! Gabbypool or should we say, "WaynePool," Todd and DJ Johnny Rick from Drinking in the Park Podcast were provided a table to promote their podcast and their craft. Also, they participated in a few panels and recorded a live podcast from one of the conference rooms! It was such a fun time, they hope to get invited again!

As this is more of author driven convention, the team ventured out and took in the epic vendors and talked to people about their books. On Episode 328, DJ Johnny Rock sat down with authors Ali Lee GoldenBerg and An Tran about their recent novel and bubbletea. And somehow caused a rage between the authors. We don't understand how it happened but either way it was entertaining to watch. Follow them on twitter @NonZombifiedAn and @AliLGoldenberg! Their book is pretty epic so we suggest you buy it and give it a read!

Their first panel of the day, the team participated in Podcasting is your passion where they were joined by Enthusiasm Girl from the OTPodcast and The Faculty of Horror Podcast. They discuss why they got into podcasting and why it is such a passion for them. They are also joined by Dr. Who Audioplay Director/Writer/Actor MA Tamburro from AMAudioMedia. It is an hour long but filed with alot of passion and knowledge of the podcasting world! It will be loaded on another date!

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