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Droids Canada Podcast is a geeky pop culture show based out of the Niagara Region in Ontario Canada! This podcast has been gaining popularity since its launch in 2012. This many headed beast has become popularly due to it’s blunt, comedic and outrageous behavior that occurs on every episode! Their podcast typically revolves around current hot TV Shows such as the Walking Dead, Comic Book Movie reviews, the popular Doctor Who Dark Journey audioplay, and any geek related topic they can get their hands on! They also write movie/video/tv/tech reviews, stream gameplay on youtube and post unboxing/video game reviews on their website weekly! They are always look to cover new and exciting topics, so look up their website at!


They are outrageous and off topic since 2012. Listener discretion is advised.

Todd Puhl
Creator and Visionary behind Droids Canada
Dan Morrison
Interviewer and Podcaster
AJ Desjardins
Reviewer and Podcaster
Ellie Price
Reviewer, Podcaster and Interviewer
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